Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Scotland: Day Six

After publishing yesterday's post, Ryan and I went to watch the sun set behind the house which was absolutely amazing! Here are a few photo's that I didn't get chance to add last night.

Today has definitely been the best day yet: scorching sunshine, waterfall walks, paddling in and rowing a boat over the loveliest, tree-lined, mountain-surrounded loch. It's just been yet another day of absolute bliss. Warning: A LOT of photos coming up!

I am absolutely loving this Scottish sunshiney life, I could happily live here for the rest of time, going home on friday won't feel like going home at all. This has completely become my home and I am having the best time. Anyone who says you can't have a good time on a holiday in Britain (as a Brit) is a complete liar, because if you look hard enough, you'll find the gems we've found today.

If you fancy coming where I've been today, just check out Kenmore in Highland Perthshire, and I'm sure it'll be as welcoming to you as it's been to me!

See you tomorrow for the last full day of Scottish activities!

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