About Katy Louise

Hello my darling! My name is Katy and I'm a nineteen year old Literature student studying in the North of England. This blog is my place is to document the things going on in my life and the music/books/films I am loving at the minute. 

I am a wannabe novelist with an old soul and a love of reading by the fire with big mugs of green tea. I love anything whimsical, old, curious and pretty, a lot of which will be written about here. I listen to a lot of folk music and watch way too much tv, fantasy and romance films. I am open to post suggestions so if you want to see me write about something, let me know in the comments or pop me an e-mail (see: contact page). I'd love to hear your opinions on anything that I post and will reply as soon as I can!

Have a beautiful day!

-- Katy Louise x