Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Scotland: Day Five

Hello again my loves! If you're still coming back every day to read these little excerpts of my life then I love you very much indeed.

Today we went to Scone Palace, the place that all Scottish kings were crowned (and also a place mentioned in Macbeth, so as you can imagine it was pretty exciting.. Just as exciting as driving past Birnam Wood or finding leaflets for Glamis Castle). Another beautiful palace, with more beautiful gardens, inc. a butterfly garden. We have been lucky enough to have wall to wall sunshine today and it has just been blissful. I'd absolutely recommend coming to Scone, it's just a wonderful place, each room of the palace is equipped with a very knowledgeable guide and it's a lovely place to just sit out and soak in the surroundings.

 See you tomorrow!!

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  1. Who is the short thorn between the two roses?