Thursday, 24 July 2014

Scotland: Day Seven

Today was the last full day of the holiday and good grief did we go out with a bang!

We did white water rafting this morning!! Bright blue skies, tree-lined river, refreshing water, alllll morning. SO MUCH FUN. I personally was very apprehensive as I haven't done anything this outdoorsy for a few years. My apprehension however dissipated almost instantly. It was an amazing experience, especially getting to jump out of the raft and swim in the river to cool down. I wanted to do it again straight after we finished and we've decided canyoning is definitely on the cards next time we have a chance to do anything like this!

After the rafting it was lunch time, so we peeled off the wetsuits, jumped in the car and found a pretty spot by Loch Tay to eat lunch and have a paddle. Finding little hidden things like that is one of my favourite things about exploring without a guide or a map.

Lunch eaten and paddling done, we headed further up river to Killin, a pretty little riverside village with the best opportunities to clamber over rocks around the river.

This holiday has been absolutely incredible. Tomorrow is technically still part of it, and we will be visiting a few places en route back to sunny Lancashire, and a post about it will still be going up, but the way home never feels like part of the holiday does it?

Until tomorrow,