Friday, 25 July 2014

Scotland: Final Day

Hey guys!

Bad news is: I'm home from Scotland *sobs*

Good news is: We spent the entire day avoiding coming home by getting up to several interesting things meaning this last post isn't going to be a boring one! *cheers*

This morning we had to be out of our beautiful lodge at 10am, so we prompty (if slightly forlornly) left and headed to The Birks O' Aberfeldy just down the road. Robert Burns wrote a poem dedicated to this beautiful place and it's not hard to see why! Of course, yet again we couldn't resist climbing down to the riverside and getting our feet all wet from clambering over the rocks in the river and, in my case, falling in several times!

Robert Burns and I having a little moment to ourselves..

After we'd finished up here, we set off on a two hour journey to a lead mine en route home. This way it made the journey home seem much quicker and also gave us something to look forward to before going home. The lead mine itself was really interesting and it was so relieving to go underground for half an hour or so and get out of the baking heat of the midday sun! The mine was set in a secluded, lonely little village that, if  I'm honest, was a little bit creepy feeling. If it had been raining (like it usually is in Scotland when it's a heatwave-free summer), it would've been the most depressing, haunting place. Thankfully, the sunshine lightened it up a little!

After we'd explored and before we set off home, we had to finish our time in Scotland with the most Scottish of beverages: Irn Bru.

I hope you've enjoyed this little week of daily posts, I must admit I've enjoyed having the commitment  and purpose of writing this every day and I'm definitely going to post more frequently from now on! If you have any suggestions about content you'd like to see on What Katy Louise Did Next, comment below your ideas or pop me an email if you prefer! I'd love to hear about what you'd like to read from me!

Until next time, my dearest friends,


  1. Loved reading these updates, I'd love to visit Scotland it looks beautiful and so interesting!

  2. Thank you! It is an amazing place, I'd totally recommend it my dear! :-D