Monday, 29 September 2014

New beginnings and Happiness

Hello, hello my wonderful friends! Lack of internet and lack of inspiration means I had a little bit of a break from here. I'm actually feeling really grateful that I had a few days without any internet because it allowed me to sort my head out. I got back into reading, I got myself a job (biggest achievement last week by far) and just managed to clear my thoughts and focus on what I wanted to gain from this next academic year.

As some of you may know I moved back to university a little of a week ago now. I started my second year of lectures today and something just feels different this year. I feel so much more focused and happy with myself. I've moved into a house with 3 fellow English students who also happen to be some of my absolute best friends. As you can imagine, that makes for a pretty lovely environment to live in. I have an adorable little attic room that I've decorated (within reason considering it's a rented property) and made it my own little slice of "me" that I can escape to and feel utterly at home.

*cue photo evidence of cute room and not-so-cute happy-as-larry me)

I think it's so important to create a space that you can escape to.  No matter how small the room that you're working with is (mine is very small as I live in the attic so 50% of my room is only accessible if I crawl) it's just incredible how much of a difference it makes to come home to a cosy area to work or relax in.

Happiness is a state of mind that, to some extent, can definitely be a choice. Since moving away from home this year, I've decided against dwelling on homesickness and instead focused on everything I can gain from this year. I want to challenge myself to do 8 things that scare me, whether they're big or small, to help myself grow and develop and also to attack my anxiety head on when I don't have anyone but myself there to tell me I can do it.  Having this little corner of my own in which I can control everything is so so valuable. I'm surrounded by photos of my loved ones, my favourite dvds and books, flowers and candles and lights. And I can confirm that having your own space can make you as happy as can be.

I hope you're all happy, in whatever you're doing in life! Expect to hear from me more often, in uplifting (hopefully) posts about life, books, recipes and lots more!

Until then, lots of love

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