Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Rufford Old Hall (Best Weekend Ever pt. 1)

This weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in a LONG time. So good in fact that I'm going to write about it in two parts so as to not have to condense everything (and to not overwhelm you with an exceptionally large post) so the second one will be coming tomorrow! 

On Saturday, my mum and I had the day to ourselves as my dad was at Haydock races. In the morning, mum went to have her hair done, I got my eyebrows done (for the first time ever and I'm now a complete convert) and then did a bit of shopping. Once we were all shopped and beautified out, we decided to take a trip to a National Trust property that is relatively local. I myself had never visited Rufford Old Hall (or even heard of it) but I completely fell in love with this place and it's Tudor charm. Plus, the weather was blissful - not that I'd at all dressed for sunny weather as it was dull, cloudy and windy when we set off - which made this beautiful place even more idyllic. I have a feeling many a summers afternoon will be spent there from now on!

Unfortunately, this blissful day had to be cut short as I was due in work at 7pm, but thankfully I finished two hours later, leaving us with the rest of the evening to play with.  Remembering that it was Symphony at the Tower over at Hoghton Tower that evening, Mum and I jumped into the car and drove to a pub nearby the tower with the hope of watching the fireworks. Luckily enough, just as we'd sat down on the outdoor seating by the canal with our drinks, the firework show began! Sadly, it was still too light to get any decent photos, but it was just the loveliest end to a wonderful day. I'm so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful mum!

Check back tomorrow for the second part of this amazing weekend, the fans of Doctor Who will definitely enjoy tomorrow's post!
Until then,

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