Monday, 28 April 2014

Easter Escapades

Hello! Apologies for the lack of posting and consistency lately, what with all the adventures I've been on with my family, time has seemed to disappear without me even noticing. However, now the Easter break is sadly over I have time to sit down and document everything I've been up to, most notably a trip up to the Lake District, and also to Bolton Abbey, two of my favourite places to visit. Just a note, this is probably gonna be a long one!!

My parents and I are quite outdoorsy, and when the weather is as pretty as it was a couple of weeks ago, we can never resist a walk somewhere pretty. We decided to drive up to the Lake District and pay a visit to one of our favourite spots, Tarn Hows. There is a lovely walk around the lake and through the trees and when the sun is shining and the sky is blue, there isn't anywhere else I'd rather be.

Visiting the Lake District is something that never fails to make me feel like the happiest person on earth, it's just such a pretty and calming place, and being there with my parents who had taken the week off in order to spend time with me made it even more special.

Since we were already in the area, we decided to head to Windemere/Bowness too for a wander and a visit to  Lakeland to stock up on baking supplies. Whilst we were there we stopped by a lakeside cafe and my parents ordered 2 coffees that came in these rather inspiring mugs!

Next stop on my Easter adventures was Bolton Abbey, a place we frequented when I was younger but for some reason hadn't visited for quite some years. There is basically something for everyone here, a ruined monastery to sit in the shadow of to eat lunch, a river with stepping stones, ice cream, pretty walks, it's impossible not to have a good day out!

I would 100% recommend paying this place a visit, it even has some beautiful tea rooms and an antique book shop in the village just above it too, so a full day of adventures for all can be had!

Sadly, the beautiful warm sunshine didn't stick around for long (as it never does in rainy England) so my mum and I decided to bake a huge afternoon tea for no reason other than because it looked fun and who doesn't love mini cakes and pastries?! We had an absolute ball and were suitably impressed with the results (as were my dad and grandad who helped us devour the lot!).

So with walking, baking, watching endless films (6 hours of Anne of Green Gables and 3 hours of The Sound of Music happened) and spending time with my wonderful parents, I guess you could say this Easter break has been a pretty special and memorable one and has made me realise just how blessed I am.

I promise I'll post more regularly from now on! 
All my love, 

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