Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Avoiding Tuesday blues..

This semester at university is fairly slow and chilled, with me only being in for 7 hours a week. Tuesday's are my second busiest day (..I have a lecture and a seminar.. and that's it) but it still manages to be the day that I dread getting out of bed for. My Celtic Languages and Literatures lecture is usually full of semi-conscious confused fellow students and as there is only 15 or so of us, there is nowhere to hide our evident and obvious lack of understanding. I then have a seminar for Studying Poetry with a seminar tutor I am convinced hates me. I just get really bad signals from him, plus he has a real knack of making everyone feel inferior (although I genuinely don't think he does that mindfully), and so with these two classes to go to, I always feel particularly lacking in enthusiasm when my alarm goes off in the morning.

However, I have been making a concerted effort lately to view things positively and today and I tried that and it worked! Instead of focusing on the classes I dread to go to, I saw them as obstacles to overcome before I could claim my reward when I got home later, and that is exactly what I did.

..Well, after I got caught in a torrential downpour and my already curly hair turned into Hermione Granger c. Philosopher's Stone era.

When I got in, I made myself a strawberry and raspberry tea in my favourite cup and saucer (that my wonderful best friend Jess bought me for my birthday), some toast and noticed that the daffodils I had bought a few days ago had finally opened! Daffodils remind me of my mum, so I've made a habit of always having them in my room so even when I'm homesick I can look at them and be happy.

 I can now happily curl up in bed with my current literary venture; a wonderfully lame and lovable YA novel, the second in the Caster Chronicles series, Beautiful Darkness. I definitely feel glad I got out of bed this morning, even if it's only because I feel like I've earned my right to do nothing but read and drink tea for the rest of the afternoon, listening to the rain pour and desperately hoping the sliver of blue sky in the distance clears the whole sky soon!

I hope you've had a lovely Tuesday! All my love,