Sunday, 20 July 2014

Scotland: Day Three

Today has been blissful! And I'm finding knowing I'll be writing about the day makes me make more of an effort with the pictures I'm taking and also makes me pay attention to everything a lot more, which is always great.

All seven of us got up fairly early this morning and headed straight out to Blair Castle which is just such a stunning place. It's huge and very pretty and the hourly bagpipe music made everything seem that bit more Scottish. Not only is the actual architecture stunning, the house and gardens are full of beautiful little nooks and it's honestly just a lovely place to be.

Who can seriously resist a good dressing up box? ..Not me!

Once we'd finished up at Blair, we headed down to Killiecrankie, a riverside walk on which a battle took place once upon a time. The walk itself was lovely but the real selling point for myself and Ryan was the white pebble beach hidden away down a little embankment. The view is completely shrouded when you keep to the path, but once you clamber down, the expanse of river, forestry and stone beach is like something out of a film. It was almost too easy to believe we were in a mythical world!

Today really has been lovely, and the fact that it ended with a Sunday roast followed by apple strudel has made it even better!

I hope you're all well and that hopefully I'll be making a few of you super keen to come and visit this beautiful part of the world!

Until tomorrow,

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