Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Style Crush: Modcloth

Now I know that typically style crush posts are usually about people who's style I particularly love (and I will be doing a few of those), but I thought I'd kick off my style-related posts with a slightly broader approach. Modcloth is one of those online shops that I will only ever be able to dreamily scroll through, as on a student budget I can't really afford the dresses (or the shipping costs) but I still adore absolutely everything on there all the same. Below is a selection of a few of my favourite dresses (as I am an eternal dress wearer, it's rare to see me in anything else!) and links to buy them if you, unlike myself, can go and order everything you like.. Something I can only dream about!!

(from left to right)

Top row: 
  1. Your Lucky Daisy Dress (This was actually worn by Jess Day in New Girl, isn't it dreamy?!)
  2. Tea Cupcake Dress
  3. Woman in the Office Dress
  4. Garden Home Tour Dress
  5. Heirlooms and Blooms Dress
Bottom row:
  1. Little Vacation House on the Prairie Dress
  2. Woods I Ever! Dress
  3. Come Crochet With Me Dress
  4. Summer Study Break Dress
  5. Tell Me A Secret Garden Dress
Happy shopping/swooning!


  1. I bought my birthday dress from Modcloth last year, it was such a nice treat!
    The dress you asked about on my blog is from ASOS, in the petite section, and when I ordered it it was 50% off! Can't beat that :)