Monday, 31 March 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

My parents came up to visit me at university this weekend and honestly I had the best time! My parents are my best friends and being away from them for weeks on end can get pretty rubbish, so the fact that they came up for mum's birthday and Mother's Day made me very happy indeed.

When my parents arrived, it was mum's birthday and so I gave her a pretty English Strawberry scented Copenhagen Candle (which I think she loved) as well as these completely lame but adorable heart shaped cookies that I think she may have even loved more than her other present!

We shot straight off to the huge shopping centre nearby and spend the whole afternoon browsing shops and buying things we all definitely didn't really need before the three of us sat down for a lovely meal at Coal Grill and Bar (which was absolutely heavenly).

The next day the three of us went up into the Peak District to explore Stanage Edge (which is a Pride and Prejudice filming location, and mum and I are preeeeetty big fans so it was extra exciting) and Castleton, a picturesque countryside village that I instantly fell in love with.

This day was honestly my idea of a perfect day, with wonderful company, beautiful scenery and of course cream tea galore. I feel so blessed to live this close to such gorgeous places.

On my parents last day up here, my dad was feeling pretty poorly, and so wasn't up for doing much and since it was Mother's Day, he urged mum and myself to go out and do something anyway.  Rather reluctantly (as it didn't feel right leaving him to feel rubbish alone), me and mum went on a drive and came across a lovely place called the Longshaw Estate. We spent the afternoon having a lovely lunch and then walking around the grounds of the beautiful house (which sadly wasn't open to visitors) and taking too many photos. Then after exhausting ourselves, we decided to go for a relatively early dinner at an eatery called Bungalows and Bears I'd been dying to go to ever since I moved away (and it didn't disappoint!!!).

It's safe to say I've had one of the happiest weekends in a long time and now I'm even more excited to get home for Easter on Friday and spend 3 whole weeks with my wonderful parents, I'm very blessed to have them.

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend!

All my love, 

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  1. Aww, poor Ned. Get well soon big man. Xx