Sunday, 16 March 2014

An introduction..

After much deliberation and after many requests from my followers over on Tumblr,  I have decided to create a blog here in order to properly write about my life and the things that I love as I way of giving myself a therapeutic medium to write (and write.. and write..) that isn't restricted or controlled, so I could have the freedom to express myself somewhere other than in my scruffy little diary.

So, hello there,  I'm a  first year student at university studying English Literature with the hope of becoming a teacher and, at length, a full-time writer. Here are a few facts about myself:

Name: Katy Louise
Age: 19
I'm a strange mixture of introvert and extrovert.
I like fictional characters more than most people.
I like to read, a lot.
I absolutely hate negative people, and people who are just plain mean.
If I could afford to eat everything off the menu at Patisserie Valerie, I would.
I have a part-time job as a bartender and waitress at a local pub back home.
Home is Lancashire, university is Yorkshire (it's like the War of the Roses all over again)
I like period dramas and romance films/books as much as I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy films/books.
I pretty much only ever wear dresses and skirts (unless I'm in my bedroom, then it's pyjamas, always.)
Luna Lovegood and Lyra Belacqua are my literary best friends.
I like a range of music, but at the moment I absolutely adore indie/folk.
I don't have a favourite season, I like them all for different reasons.
My favourite book(s) is the His Dark Materials series by the genius Philip Pullman.

I think that will do us for now, so before I bore you to death (unless I already have, then I'm terribly sorry), I will leave this as my first ever post on the slightly embryonic blog that is "What Katy Louise Did Next".

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